It is a pleasure to respond to the requests of so many of our loyal customers by providing this online catalog . We hope that it serves its function by making it easier and less time consuming to order our products .

The items listed in this catalog are those that are most popular with our customers. Please be aware that in all probability we can get you exactly what you need , even though it might not appear in this catalog .

And these value-added features are just the beginning of what we have to offer are knowledgeable & experience people of the extra mile to exceed your expectation & increase your profit and increase your profits.


The Reprocessed Granules we offer has an excellent balance of impact strength and flexure modulus as well as offering high melt flow and good processability .


When it comes to Garbage bags ,Refuse sacks, Refuse Garden sacks , Bin Liners and standard can liners, Modern offers quality, reliability and customer service at competitive prices.

The Company is proud of the fact that it is the manufacturer of shopping bags in all sizes , weights , colours & microns. Our shopping bags have a reputation throughout the industry for their unique quality, durability and strength.


MODERN is the leading developer of LDPE/HDPE Pipe Manufacture in our area . We at MODERN recognized early the major features and benefits which LDPE/HDPE could bring to our customers and their operating environment .

  • Excellent mechanical strength and impact resistance .
  • Highly controlled production processes leading to high quality pipe products .
  • No requirements for protective coatings .

A technology leap that breaks the mold. With a Bottle that provides all the multiple advantages of PET. Its lightweight , its shatterproof , and its recloseable. On the top of that, the bottle is simple and economical to mass produce in whatever unique shape you want to grab the attention on the shelf .



One of MODERN main aims is the drive for new and innovative techniques to provide cost effective solutions . Our house hold products such as Hangers / Buckets / Cups and other House Hold Products are further example of MODERN GROUP commitment to bring high quality products to all users and specifiers .